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This area is considered a data convergence center with a high percentage of hackers, or so I’ve read. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!I walked in Austin ATandT store 5700 Burnet RD, ATandT, Austin, TX, 78756, Sale Associate Lisa Gutierrez with my friendWe are on a family plan with ATandT cell phone serviceon March 21st. I expressed my interest in Digital Life to a sales associate and said I am an AirBnB host. I told her what I was looking for was 1. a Keypad that I can set up passcode, lock and unlock on my phone meanwhile monitoring the lock; 2.

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Contract lengths start at 12 months, which is shorter than other companies that ask for a minimum of 36 months.

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What are customers saying?Are they responsive to complaints, will they work with customers to make them happy, what happens if something goes wrong with your system?A top company will be responsive and work with customers to keep them happy.

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If you’re not already on their connected or comprehensive plans, you might need to upgrade in order to be able to have cameras as part of your plan.

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You can create customizable alerts that go to your smart device when your system is triggered.